Wednesday, March 23, 2011

* Meet the World's Youngest..

World's Youngest Mother-Lina Medina(five-year-old)

World’s Youngest Pepper Eater – Naaman Amer

World’s Youngest Granny is 23 Years Old-Rifca Stanescu

World’s youngest singer Nepalese girl Atithi K.C 

Youngest professor in the world-Alia Sabur

Youngest CEO in the World.- Sreelakshmi Suresh(She designed 12 websites)

Worlds Youngest Street Photographer

Worlds Youngest Engaged Couple In Syria. She's 3, He's 5.

world's youngest professional gamer" -Victor De Leon III(Alias: Lil' Poison)

World’s Youngest Yoga Instructor- Shruti Pandey(6yr old)

World's youngest father

World’s Youngest MCTS(Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) , MCP(Microsoft Certified Professional) , CIW-A & CWNA(Certified Web Professional Associate, Certified Wireless Network Administrator )

World’s Youngest DJ- Jack Hill

world’s youngest queen- Rania Al Abdullah(Queen of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan)

World's youngest lecturer- Aman Rehman(8yr old)

youngest winner of the Women's World Chess Championship.-  Hou Yifan 

World's Youngest Poker Champion-  Peter Eastgate

 world youngest IT Engineer- Marko Calasan

World’s youngest Red Hat Certified Engineer-  M. Lavinashree (8yr old)

World’s Youngest Alligator Wrestler- Samantha Young

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